Ashlyn Gere

Born September 14, 1959 in Cherry Point, North Carolina, USA under the name Kimberly Ashlyn McKarny. Ashlyn's family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada when she was three years old. After completing high school she attended the University of Nevada and graduated with a double major in theater and communications broadcasting. From there she attempted a mainstream acting career under the name Kim McKamy and landed starring roles in a string of low-budget B horror films like Dreamaniac (1986) and Lunch Meat (1987). In direct opposition to her later career trajectory, she backed out of doing a nude scene in Creepozoids (1987) while on set and insisted on a body double for a shower scene in Evil Laugh (1986). But by 1989 she was appearing in nude pictorials in Penthouse and other men's magazines that left nothing to the imagination. In September 1990, Ashlyn starred in The Last Resort, the first of around 100 X-rated films she'd make over the next decade on her way to becoming one of the most
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