Blaise Serra

Blaise Serra is a magician and actor originally from Connecticut who now lives in Los Angeles working as a performer and magic consultant. His sleight of hand artistry has allowed him to travel across the country performing, most notably for MGM resorts as well as in his own stage show entitled "TAME: Through A Magician's Eyes.” His unique magic style is influenced by his background spanning various forms of entertainment. Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, Blaise began his ventures into the arts first with music. He started performing at the age of nine when he began playing guitar, an instrument he is still passionate about to this day and which has shaped his unique approach to magic by applying guitarist techniques and pedagogy to create his style of sleight of hand. For years his focus was music and theatre/ film acting. In high school he took up magic and began attempting to create original routines. By his Junior year of high school he had consistent work performing mag
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