Eaddy Mays

Eaddy Mays, an American actress and producer, was born in New York and raised by her mother. At eight years old, Mays transformed the basement of their home into the "Magic Theater," where her mother and dozens of stuffed animals were subjected to countless recreations of blockbuster films and Broadway plays with Mays starring in every role. By the age of ten, Mays was strongly encouraged by her mother to pursue this passion outside the home; she was cast in a community theatre production of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen." In the years that followed, Mays put her passion into the newly formed family business by hosting video presentations for the production company owned by her step-father, Bob Haymes, singer, actor and songwriter, who is known best for his song "That's All," an oft recorded tune now part of the Great American Songbook. This hosting work brought the teenage Mays to China in 1984 and later to Hong Kong and Japan. After graduating college and da
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