Emily Creighton

Emily Creighton is currently a SAG eligible actress and model based in the greater New York City area. She works mostly on films, television, commercial modeling, and live theater. Emily's most recent credits include roles for The Hallmark Channel, HBO's The Deuce and CBS's The Good Fight. The one thing you wouldn't be able to guess just by looking at Emily, is her passion for comedy. Her motto is: "I want to be your Sophia Petrillo, not your blonde hoe." can guess which roles she usually gets. They see her blue eyes before they hear her spot on Long-Island Jewish mother impersonation. Emily is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. If people are laughing, all is well in the world. She has studied acting her whole life and graduated holding a BFA in Performing Arts. She's currently teaching acting to little ones at a theater in CT. When she's not chasing kids backstage, she's taking the leap into something just as scary: this crazy industry.
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