Ida Galich

Russian TV presenter, singer and video blogger. In 2002, she moved to Moscow with her parents. After graduation, she entered the University of Trade and Economics. In 2011, she became a member of the KVN Autumn Kiss team, which in 2015, under the name “Moscow was not built right away,” took third place in the Premier League. In 2016, she took part in the comedy show Comedy Battle on TNT. In 2017, she became the host of the program “Backstage of the Success show on STS. At the end of September 2017, Ida Galich and Anastasia Ivleeva led the red carpet at the 5th ceremony of presenting the MusicBox-2017 Real Prize. In 2018, she became co-host Zhanna Badoeva in the TV show “Eagle and Tails.” In the same year, from the 7th season, she became co-host of Nastasya Samburskaya in the television program “Revizorro”, but both left in February 2019. Also in 2018, she releases the songs “Dima”, “You Hit”, “Find you. ”A video clip was shot in the song“ Find You ”which starred Anna Sedokova and Nade
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