Jason Tisi

Jason Tisi was born in upstate, New York. He has also resided in southern California, Europe, Boston, and now Central Florida. Jason has been in the performance arts since early childhood, playing trumpet professionally for many years starting at age 15 and now plays the ukulele. He has worked in television and radio broadcasting being the eye-in-the-sky as a former NBC New England affiliate traffic reporter as well as radio news anchor and alternative rock disc jockey. Jason's voice has been heard on several radio and television commercials and he played a recurring character on the nationally syndicated radio show, Mancow's Morning Madhouse on Q101 out of Chicago. His television appearances include several small bits episodes of the late Glen Larson production, 'Nightman', where he was often seen as a bartender. Jason also appeared in several episodes of the hit USA Network series 'Silk Stalkings' as a Coroner's Assistant and starred in season 1 of the Time Warner Cable comedy serie
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