Kinda Alloush

Kinda Alloush is a Cairo-based Syrian actress with an extensive repertoire of notable works in Syria, Egypt, and across the Arab world. After completing her studies in Theater Criticism at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Kinda made a brief foray into the theatrical direction before she started acting in 2005. Her acting debut was in a TV drama called Ashwak Naaeima (2005). In the same year, she appeared in Ahkad Khafeya, alzzahir Bybrs and Nizar Qubani TV series, which all premiered with huge success. Her talent seemed to attract a large number of film auteurs across the Arab world immediately as she took part in several Arab films and TV dramas. Her first role on the silver screen was in the Jordanian film The Strangers (2009). In 2009, it seemed to be the year where Kinda held all the aces. She appeared in the Egyptian TV hit Hedou' Nesbi, starring along with a large number of Arab TV stars and appeared in the Egyptian blockbuster Welad El-Am opposite Egyptian su
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