She began acting in 1998, graduated from Chattanooga High School of Performing Arts and attended Columbia College-Chicago as a Theater/Dance major. She trained with Cirque Du Soleil, then became an international headliner as a dancer/aerialist. During a performance Big Sky Motion Pictures offered her a role in Spring Break '83. She came off tour as a dancer/aerialist on Dec. 19th, 2010, and transitioned into acting. She was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in a feature film (Bloody Wedding (2011)) at the Fantastic Horror Film Festival '14. She has done motion capture and, performance capture intensive workshop with 'Tom Keegan' and has made appearances in several films, on television, done commercials, voice-over work, performed in music videos, done ADR work, and has been in over 100 magazines. In addition, she has posed for three bronze sculptures by sculptor Andrew Cawrse. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art had a five-foot photo of her on display, and the New York Times pu
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