Richard Rossi

Richard Rossi is an actor, novelist, filmmaker, musician. He played guitar on stage at age 7, wowing audiences with songs like 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' Richard is the oldest of 5, and had musician parents, Richard and Dorothy. The Rossi family performed in the bars of their hometown of Pittsburgh. As a teen, Richard acted in films such as 'The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.' In 1980, Richard formed a duo with his best friend from school, John Walker, and soon "Walker and Rossi" were performing their songs on TV. The Post Gazette compared them to Simon & Garfunkel and called them poets of song. In 1984, Richard married his wife Sherrie in Lynchburg, Virginia. Sherrie saw Walker-Rossi perform at Liberty U., where they were given a standing ovation by the audience of 5,000. Richard & Sherrie moved back to Pgh. in 1986. Richard reached out to his hometown, performing concerts as a guitar-playing maverick minister at the nightclub Graffiti, Station Square, and Soldier's & Sailors. In
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